Paralegals might be classified as legal assistants, but they also require help. With all of the coordinating, meetings, phone conversations and legal research that has to be done, it only makes sense for a resourceful paralegal to delegate some tasks to court reporters. If you’re not fully aware of the tasks that can be delegated to an Oklahoma court reporter, here are 9 of them.

Reserving Conference Rooms
When it comes to the legal process, meetings are often a necessity. If you don’t have a very large office, you may need to reserve conference rooms for the entire firm. When hiring a reporting firm like Lowery & Associates, you can trust that your court reporter will reserve a room just for you.

Setting Up an Interpreter
There are many interpreting services out there. Unfortunately, not all paralegals know who to hire. Court reporting firms, however, know the people to call and which service providers are dependable and affordable.

Recommending a Process Server
If you’re preparing to serve a subpoena for a deposition or other court hearing, you should have a process server in mind early on. Since the preparation process is time-consuming enough, you don’t want to have to find a server on top of everything. An Oklahoma court reporter can do this for you.

Preparing Legal Videos
If you like to have video footage of depositions, court reporting firms can offer the necessary production services. You’ll get high-quality video and audio. You can also archive the media, and the video itself will be encoded.

Written Archives of Court-Related Meetings
If you need a written archive of the things that were said during a deposition, hearing, proceeding or other legal event, court reporters can do this for you with state-of-the-art stenography equipment.

Help with Verbiage
Experienced court reporters can help give verbiage suggestions to paralegals when they are writing transcripts and other legal materials.

Setting Up Teleconference Depositions
Sometimes, it’s not realistic for the plaintiff and defendant to meet at the same location for their deposition. If this happens, a court reporting firm will set up a teleconference meeting so that everyone can meet virtually.

Exhibit Organization
While you’re preparing for trial, you’ll have to assign exhibit numbers to everything that you plan on presenting. Some of the tasks must be done by you, but court reporters can pre-assign exhibit numbers.

If you have errata sheets with witness information, you need to have this archived for future reference if you run into hiccups. Fortunately, court reporting services include archiving.

There are a lot of things to be done in a legal office. The most successful paralegals are those who know when and how to delegate. Thankfully, many tasks can be delegated to full-service court reporters like Lowery & Associates.