Of all the professions made obsolete by technology, you would think being a court reporter is near the top of the list. After all, they just write down what’s said in court, and a machine could record that, right? While that’s true, technically speaking, there are some very valid reasons why having a skilled person on the job is essential.

Man Versus Machine

Previously, searching for a court reporter Oklahoma City almost meant looking for an endangered species. Law offices and local, state, and federal court systems thought they could save money and time by using electronic devices to record depositions and court proceedings, thus outsourcing the job of making transcripts to typists. Sounds like an effective cost-cutting measure. So what was the problem? Ironically, it highlighted one of the issues they were trying to avoid: human error.

Think about the number of times your voice-activated device misunderstands you or how often you’ve been stuck in a help desk system that can’t process your response. Accuracy is also a problem with transcriptions when testimony isn’t clear due to poor sound quality, background noise, or unintelligible speech. Those unintended consequences don’t even take into account times when systems go down or technology malfunctions.

Court Reporters Do More than Just Report

It seems that without someone there to keep an eye on things, recorders weren’t getting turned on, devices were running out of tape or storage, and entire swathes of testimony were lost to history. If speech was garbled or unclear, there was no one there in the moment to ask for clarification. However, assuming that’s all there is to the job does a disservice to professional court reporters. A search for court reporter Oklahoma City brings up court reporters who also set up exhibits in court, are versed in legal terminology, provide real-time feedback and supplementary information, and read nuance in speech patterns that even the most advanced AI can’t yet match.

Tech Plus Skill Provides More Robust Service

Ideally, technology should enhance a job, not replace it. Modern stenographers use high-tech devices that provide both the shorthand and a full transcript in a digital format, in real time. With platforms like teleconferencing and virtual environments, issues like geography or time differences no longer cause delays. This makes outsourcing court reporting services cost-efficient while maintaining standards of accuracy and quality.

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