Being called over to a lawyer’s office to provide a sworn deposition can be a little frightening. In a deposition, witnesses involved in an impending case are asked to answer questions posed by an attorney. The sworn testimony is to be given under oath, and a court reporter transcribes everything that is said.

Things can seem a bit complicated when you require the assistance of an interpreter. When providing sworn testimony, you must be completely accurate in your statements. With an interpreter, you rely on that person to translate your words and ideas accurately. Rather than stress over the situation, contact the right professionals capable of assisting you. Finding the right interpreter and court reporter can promote a smooth experience.

Hire a Qualified Interpreter

Asking a friend or family member to interpret at a deposition could turn out to be a disaster. Requesting help from a person who understands a language isn’t the same thing as hiring a professional interpreter. A skilled interpreter understands the seriousness of his/her duties and has training and experience in handling translation duties in formal legal settings. Hire an interpreter who has previously handled depositions and other legal scenarios.

Of course, this does raise an obvious question. Where do you find a qualified legal deposition interpreter? Even if you look for an interpreter online, how can you determine who is qualified? If you are asking yourself these questions, it might be best to look for a professional with relevant experience. An established court reporter Oklahoma City service is a great place to start your search.

Contact a Court Reporter

Court reporters frequently work in situations that require them to document testimony given via an interpreter. Because of this, many court reporters know professional interpreters they can recommend. The court reporters may even work at a firm that also employs interpreters. Lowery & Associates is a firm that offers both interpreting and court reporting services.

The Court Reporter and Professional Interpreter Team

Court reporters and interpreters commonly work well together. This may be doubly true if they work in the same court reporter Oklahoma City firm. Knowing how the right professionals work together, with everyone’s interests in mind, will provide you peace of mind and ensure you have accurate records.