You can contact our experienced court reporters for varied services in relation to courts and attorneys. Our professionals are well trained in our field and, as such, you can depend upon us to strive for excellence and accuracy.

We offer transcription services, video solutions, and a host of other benefits that can assist you in court proceedings. In civil cases, depositions are a most important aspect. For example, in medical malpractice cases, attorneys depose multiple witnesses. This includes injured patients, hospital staff, medical supervisors, nurses and physicians, among others.

Our Lowery & Associates, Inc. court reporters will transcribe the deposition accurately for use in court later. The reporters will also testify and certify as to the record’s accuracy. Law firms depend upon our reporters for precise and reliable transcriptions on a timely basis.
An electronic copy can be e-mailed or saved to a CD for easy access.

Our professionals are able to provide different formats of the transcriptions. This in turn proves to be easier for the court and the attorneys. Standard court proceedings demand both electronic and paperless transcript copies. They can also create different format condensed special transcripts.

Reporting technology has developed immensely through the years. Today it is possible to create CDs that contain different filed formats and scanned exhibits. Besides the required litigation services, our court reporters also offer business services along with interpretation, reproduction, document depository, and notary services. Companies may contact them to organize paperwork.

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