Court reporters can play an integral role in any court case regardless of how big or small. Such legal professionals provide support for trial preparation and understand how to efficiently document proceedings. Experienced court reporters provide accurate transcripts of hearings and meetings to help lawyers and paralegals keep track of testimonies, motions, rulings and other important information. If you want to win your case, you need an experienced court reporter who works quickly and accurately.

Understands Their Role

At the most basic level, court reporters record exactly what happens during depositions, meetings and trials. They are there to capture every detail that could be used later when lawyers are creating strategies, making counter offers or deciding which techniques to use in court. They are unbiased reporters available to capture every word and action. The smallest detail can help you win your case, especially when reviewing witness testimony. Expert reporters are trained on legal jargon, courtroom etiquette, and the law in general.

Knowledge Is Power

Having court reporters on your side means that you can revisit pre-trial depositions to examine witnesses’ accounts of events. Expert reporters know how to find information quickly by zeroing in on specific words and phrases. They also have technology that allows them to take video or audio versions and convert them into written transcripts. Written transcripts of depositions are often used in court, so it is important that this information is accurate and easy to read.

The Latest Technology

Court reporters do more than write every word down. They also take information captured by a stenotype machine and then transfer it to a laptop. They can also perform their job remotely thanks to internet live streams, which save on transportation costs.

By using advanced technology, reporters can easily email electronic versions of interviews and provide CD or DVD versions. They can even show up in court with their own equipment, using the best projectors and high-resolution screens to present information. If you are battling a case where you want to show how quality of life has suffered, reporters can create day-in-the-life videos to get you the judgment or financial settlement you seek.

You want a professional reporter who provides excellent transcripts of events. The smallest detail can help lawyers. Experienced reporters are friendly, professional and ready to support your case using the latest technology. To help win your case, consider getting a court reporter from a trusted company such as Lowery & Associates.