Court reporting entails the creation and preservation of records of the spoken words in a courtroom and may be used in case of an appeal. Court reporters are very important and the services they provide to the clients are very essential.

What Are the Duties of a Court Reporter?
The main duty of a reporter is to transcribe every word spoken during a court hearing. The reporter is supposed to write the proceedings of the court word by word. He/she is supposed to prepare transcripts for purposes of keeping records that are critical when referring to court cases.

What Qualifications Should a Reporter Have?
Typing and listening skills are imperative for one to be a good reporter. You need to quickly hear and type in what you have heard from the court proceedings. Most countries require one to pass a competency test before being approved. For instance, you must pass the United States Professional Reporter test to work as a reporter in a court of law. You must also have great typing skills with speeds of at least 180 words per minute.

The kind of typing done by a court reporter requires one to be familiar with the use of a stenograph machine. A stenograph machine has a different keyboard from the QWERTY keyboard that most of us are used to. The stenograph keyboard only has 22 keys.

A reporter ought to be a highly trained professional with a variety of desirable skills. The reporter should be able to type very fast, preferably 225 words per minute with a 95% accuracy. This also means that he/she should be in a position to make shorthand recordings.

Shorthand recordings ensure that all the information is captured and no data is left out. When the client is in need of more than just transcripts, the reporter should be able to undertake professional videography, video conferencing as well as video streaming depending on what the client may desire. Video deposition service is a very powerful and efficient tool during trials. The reporter is in a position to capture meaningful and impactful testimony without having to be unprofessional. He/she ought to be dynamic and ready to incorporate new skills to what he/she already has.

It is very important to have a reporter that is conversant with court proceedings. This is because of the fact that they will be able to follow the proceedings, engage their listening skills as well as technology, capture all the data required without any omission and deliver good and meaningful work to the client.
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